Monday, March 30, 2015

The Perfect Foundation Routine

My make up collection seems to have recently almost doubled in size, especially in the foundation and skincare end. I just keep buying new foundations, primers, lotions & potions and have really found some gems. I've recently found a foundation routine that is pretty much full proof to stay the majority of the day, or the night as you party away!

Step 1. Primer 

I have always had primer in my kit, yet I've never been a religious user until now! These 2 beauties have only come into my collection in the last 6 months yet both have become a daily essential for different reasons. 

This was one of the first beauty product my mom bought me back when I was in my early teens and experementing with make up. Thinking back it was a pretty extravagant product to buy a beginner as to be honest I hadn't a breeze what it was, or how to use it but mum has always been a bit of a gifter. Now I have a 'wee' bit more expereince in the make up department it is the perfect addition to my collection. This primer will create a clear canvas and hold your make up all day long. It's an incredibly durable primer that will reduce fine lines and pores for a flawless finish, but I have found myself breaking out due to the addition of silicone so make sure to exfoliate after you use it. 

I've had this primer for a while and am still as in love as I was at the beginning. I got a sample of this a couple of months back from my local MAC store and instantly fell in love. This primer, unlike the Smashbox one, gives a beautiful glow under foundation instead of a simple primer effect. It is perfect for a beautiful glow, especially for a night out! It also does contain silicone but unlike the Smashbox I don't break out as much with this. 

Step 2. Foundation 

I was initially using this foundation as a daily go to but have found it quite heavy to wear and have moved it to the night time collection. My tastes in foundation have changed and I really think I have to invest in Face & Body some time soon. This foundation is very full coverage and awfully long wearing! While it sounds ideal for a day time go to, it can look quite heavy and unless work over primer I've noticed it can crack into wrinkles and lines. That being said its definitely a go too. It is a spf so night time photos can sometimes have a glare but I have yet to find that with this foundation. Have any of you ??

Now I'm not going to lie, this wasn't my favourite foundation at all. When I first bought it I found it to dark for my skin tone, enter darker tan, and to be honest I just didn't feel it lived up to the hype that some bloggers have portrayed, that however has all changed. In the last few weeks I made it my mission to use it up as I wasn't going to let it got to waste. When applied in patches, cheeks, forehead and middle all done separately, it can create a totally different look. It must have simple dried to fast the way I used to use it, but now it blends perfectly into a foundation both perfect for day and night. 

This has been my holy grail for ages. I recently picked up a new one at the Irish Beauty Show and its honestly the only foundation brush I use. This beauty buffs in my foundation unlike anything I've ever used and if your in the market for a new brush this has to be on your list! 

Step 3. Concealer 

I bought this concealer a few months back due to an emergency conceler during a very dark circle time in my life! At the time I hadn't heard very much about it, but recently it seems to be on every beauty bloggers radar! I've been using it daily since I bought it and loving it more and more every day! It really reduces the sign of dark circles, and as I bought it in a lighter shade it also works as a highlight under my eyes as well. 

I have been using this sponge not only to blend my concealer but also to finish up my foundation and ensure everything is blended perfectly. I bought it a good while ago now, and i can safely say it was worth the €8. I know I should replace it as it's now looking quite haggered and stained but recently I've been hearing a lot that  the new formula of the sponge isn't as good as the original and doesn't blend as well. I'm so upset about this as I really wanted to repurchase this beauty. 

 Step 4. Setting Powder

I actually blogged about this powder in my last post so make sure to pop over to read an indepth review of it (quick spoiler - I loved it!!). I've been using this powder daily since I was lucky enough to be sent it to review. It is an incredible powder to only set my concealer but to also keep my foundation set all day! It works in conjunction with my primer to create a beautiful foundation base. I apply it with an unbranded fan brush I bought many many years ago but havent had the heart to replace as its incredible!!! 

Hope you enjoyed this post, I'm so tempted to do a foundation routine video to go with it, is that something you would be interested in??

Thursday, March 26, 2015

The Perfect Powder Foundation

Urban Decay is a brand I've really started to get into at the moment. I've found myself going from owning the naked palettes like the majority of beauty lovers to having a selection of lip glosses, foundation and eyeliners. It's not only becoming an addiction but also really incredible terrible for my bank balance, but a girl has to try out options right?

*terrible blogger - I couldn't help but test out the sponge before taking photos!!*

I have always had a bit of a love/hate relationship with my powders-either I love them and can't be without them or I despise them and just find myself with a cakey complexion rivalling Jordan. With the new Urban Decay Naked Skin Ultra Definition Powder Foundation* I've only had complete love. I've recently found it hard to do my make it and look presentable without this product.

This new powder is made to work perfectly with the Naked Skin Liquid Foundation which I adored but need to repurchase to really try the two of them together. This powder is formulated to last 8 hours and has a weightless, buildable coverage while being semi matte. I've found through tested it out with a number of different foundations that while it provides a more than semi matte finish the product really does have incredible longevity and covers all imperfections while still not creating a cakey appearance and staying very velvety and creamy to touch.

This beauty is not only a traditional powder, but can be worn wet. I have something similar to this in my coveted Chanel VitalumiĆ©re Compact . Both of which have a very similar velvet texture, the Urban Decay more so with a better coverage. I rarely use the wet option as I find it hard to blend out when wet but having the option there is extremely handy when it comes to topping up your makeup in the evening after a day of work as the wet powder allows a lighter coverage over the powder, meaning you don't come across extremely cakey and it works as a concealer as well.   

With 14 colours available your bound to find one to suit your skin but make sure to check. I'm very tanned the majority of the time.... its Cocoa Brown ;)... and am one of the darkest shades in the Chanel option while with Urban Decay the Light Neutral* is the perfect shade with my foundation. It evens out my skin tone and imperfections and leaves a matte finish. Perfect for both night & day. The packaging itself not only has a mirror on the inside as well as a handy sponge, but also the exterior is mirrored, which is super handy for a quick makeup check!! The foundation also comes with an adorable purple floral pouch so your mirrored exterior stays perfect! 

Available in House of Frasier and Debenhams for RRP €36* so make sure to pop out and pick one up. You wont regret it. 

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The Only Lashes You Will Ever Need

So a few weeks ago I was lucky enough to have the opportunity from to pick out a few of my favourites from their site to review. Back in my mid to late teens I was a major eyelash gal, I wore them on every night out but to be honest never really got the hang of applying and also of keeping them on for longer than one evening. Recently however I have really become a lash gal, both for nights out and daily adventures! I am religiously still using my Ultra Bond glue that I blogged about nearly a year ago,  I'm now coming close to the end of my tube so a new one is in order soon! is an incredible website filled to the brim with all the must have lash brands. When I was given the opportunity to receive some lovely lashes to say I jumped at the chance is an understatement. Some of these brands I haven't been able to find in my local stores in Dublin and I've been dying to try them out, now I'm hooked!! I picked a variety of celebrity and brand lashes, some of which I had never heard of and some which bloggers have raved about before. Here's how I got on. 

Tanya was one of the first YouTubers I found when I really started to get into reading and watching blogs and vlogs! I always found her so informative and natural about her opinions and knowledge of product so its really incredible to see how far she's come now with her own line of cosmetics. As an avid Amelia Liana follower I knew I had to try out the flutters after all of her raves and I'm so glad I did. These babies quickly became my favourite out of all of the lashes. They are perfect for both daytime and evening. It gives a natural look to your lashes and not to over powering. I have used these about 5 times now but sadly I think they've come to the end so a new pair are really in order. 

Ardell has been a brand I've been dying to get my mitts on but I haven't been able to find them anywhere around me so of course I had to pick some of them to try and its safe to say I loved them. These ones, the 105's, are the quintessential large dramatic lashes. I wouldn't wear them during the day but these are ideal for a night out on the tiles! I've worn these about 3 times now and are still in pretty much perfect condition! I need to plan another night out now to rock these again. 

The Ardell hotties are a little different than the previous Ardell lashes. These beauties mix between a short to long lash length. While quite dramatic these are still the perfect addition to a night and day time look. These are also the only lashes, bar Tanyas of course, that I didn't have to cut or alter at all which is a serious benefit in my eyes. I've worn these twice and unsurprisingly they are still perfect and like new. All for £3.99!

Ever since I heard the beautiful Sam was coming out with a lash line I just new I had to try them. For £4.95 these are a great price for a great lash. I had to trim them ever so slightly and then they are perfect. Unfortunately this photo doesn't give them justice by any means, I'm so sorry! but I'll make sure to replace it next time I wear them so you guys get a proper look at them! Already I have worn these babies 3 times and they are better than perfect! 

While all of these lashes are incredible and unique, I wore them all with my Ultra Bond lash glue so I really can't comment on the glue that comes within the packet. I am one of those people that would always buy a stand alone glue as the applicators on the free glues drive me crazy! If you've used any of the glue that comes with any of these please let me know how you got on. 

Hope you lovelies enjoyed my lash review, do let me know what your favourite lashes are! I'm really looking at experimenting with loads of different lashes after having so much fun with these cuties!