Monday, January 26, 2015

Zuzka Skincare - My New Must Have

You guys all know how absolutely obsessed I am with my skin. I have regimented my regime down to tiny details as my skin is so obnoxiously sensitive. So when I was offered the opportunity to try a serum from Zuzka Skincare * I was hesitant but also beyond excited. I had always wanted to try a pre moisturiser serum so the pros for sure outweighed the cons and I caved and of course said yes!!! Also all Zuzka skincare* products are handmade form Organic Herbs, Plants and Flowers so I was really excited to try it on my sensitive skin. Also its not tested on animals in any way which is fan!

I am now so so grateful I did. I have always wanted to try a serum, the reason being that it gives a lot more moisturiser than a traditional moisturiser and can really give your skin an amazing glow. It was only when I received this amazing product that I also realised it is from the 'Botanical Botox' range.

Now if you know me personally or even from here then you may know just how obsessed with anti-aging everything!! Now I know your saying I'm only 22 why am I worrying but believe me the earlier you start the better. I had noticed the odd line appearing on my forehead (not being a wrinkle psycho they were there!!!) but even in the 2 weeks of having the opportunity to give this a go they have reduced significantly, as have the dark circles under my eyes. Unfortunately I have a lovely enzyme missing in my liver that causes unnatural dark under eye circles (Thanks mom!!!) and this has really reduced the appearance of them.

Even look at this completely no make up selfie (my god why did i pop that up here!!!). With nothing more than moisturiser - and not terribly good light!! - there is an incredible difference in my skin. Both in the quality and the uneven skin tone that I used to have serious issues with!! Please ignore the untamed brows!!!! Didn't think a make up free selfie with perfected brows would work! 
It is suggested you use this serum both morning and night pre moisturiser but I really haven't seen the need to use it that often so I'm sticking to my normal nighttime routine and using this in the morning before I apply moisturiser and make up. I'm really impressed with the results in such a short space of time. I really wasn't expecting much this quickly.

If you fancy overhauling your skin care routine and including a serum then I would definitely suggest checking this out. Its not cheap but I am a very firm believer that you really shouldn't scrimp on skincare products as really skin isn't something you can replace. Check out the Zuzka Website* to purchase this and loads more

Friday, January 23, 2015

Benefit Puff Off Review

The other day I blogged all about my amazing evening with the lovely in Benefit Cosmetics. If you read my blog then you will already know how much I adore Benefit and all of the incredible products they have released in the past. This past event was mostly based on the newest benefit baby which is the amazing new Roller Lash mascara. This mascara is AMAZING!!! I can't wait to review it in full (expect it next week after a weekend full of playing around with it!). 

However the event was not all about Roller Lash. We also all got a sneak peak at the brand new under eye gel. Currently available in the Benefit Boutique on South William Street and nationwide from he 31st of the month. Puff Off* is an incredible product. Ive been using it daily since i was lucky enough to walk away from the event with one in my goodie bag. It is an underage de-puffer that smooths out all creases, reduces the look of puffy-ness and provides an instant refreshing. Whats the best bit? Its all done by a mini iron tip on the applicator. How adorable! 

I apply this baby after moisturiser and before make up for a perfect de-puffed eye. Its also amazing to use on make up free days to allow you to look a little more put together. I know I've mentioned here and also on twitter before that I do have a reaction to creams and lotions if I sleep in them (doesn't ever stop me now!!) and the majority of the time I will wake up with slightly puffy eyes and lips (even if its just Vaseline - shows how sensitive my skin is.) I've notices in the few days I've had puff off to play around with that my eyes noticeable reduce in size by the time I've finished my make up.

Recommended to apply in 3 dots under the eye and then blend out with the Iron. You don't use too much of the product either as a little goes a very long way. Retailing at €30.50* it is pricey but definitely worth it as you barely use any to get an amazing result and definitely a product I will repurchase once its all gone. 

*photo belongs to Benefit Cosmetics PR Material 

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Sneek a Peak At Benefits New Additions

So last week I was lucky enough to be invited to spend the evening on board the amazing Bene-bus for a super secret new launch - since weather was absolutely horrid I didn't manage a pic of the outside but trust me it was pink and fabulous. Missy moo here also was a little tiny tinie bit late (ooopsie) so I missed the huge reveal, but I sure as hell was in for an amazing surprise 
Before I arrived at the event I had a little bit of a twitter search as the lovely Belfast beauty bloggers were treated to this amazing news the night before, but all I can see was loads of sneaky stuff and nobody saying what exactly this new benefit baby was about so I couldn't contain my excitement.  


Once I was in the event I was handed a glass of champagne and a mini cupcake - boy do benefit do events right - and I was on my way to learning all about their 2 (yes 2!!!) new benefit products.

First up - and the one I missed the beginning of the presentation on (ooopsie)!! This new launch is going to be huge and 100% a best seller!! The new benefit baby is Roller Lash. This is the newest mascara to grace the benefit shelves and its genius. Its based on the concept of the hair roller, so it lifts and curls the eyelash up so you no longer need eyelash curlers. It is definitely not as intense or thickening as They're real but gives an amazing curl and lift. Its definitely more of a day time mascara for sure.

I also adore the incredible promotional material to go with this fab new mascara, like who doesn't love a puppy getting his hair done , Obsessed!!! 

So are you a good, girly or both?? 

The fab Mark, the benefit supremo, gave us an amazing tutorial as to the best way to apply to amplify the benefits of this amazing new mascara. His top tip? place the stem of a make up brush and lightly pressure just above of the eyelash so the lashes curl around the brush and allow for easier access to deep within the lash bed and really give an incredible lift and curl. 

Also it wouldn't be a benefit event without a fab selfie with my lovely benefit boys! 

Next up is a product that I've heard a little bit about already from English beauty bloggers, and from what I've heard its incredible. Puff off is an amazing under eye de-puffer (definitely a necessity for this late night junkie here!) I've been using it most mornings now over my moisturiser pre foundation,and its been seriously working a treat. Also how adorable is the tiny Iron head on it? Literally smoothing out all of the under eye puffiness. 

This amazing Puff Off beauty is currently available in the Benefit Boutique on South William  Street and Nationwide from the 30th. The fab Roller Lash can be bought come March (Long wait but believe me its worth it. ) 

I was going to include a review of both of these goodies but I definitely thought they deserved their own posts for sure. I'll have full reviews of these 2 over the next week so keep your eyes peeled (pun intended) 

So what is your favourite Benefit product???