Tuesday, March 3, 2015

New To Yves Saint Laurent Beauty

I am definitely a high end make up junkie. I just can't help it, so when these lovelies landed on my door step last month to say I jumped up and down with joy was a serious understatement, and not only because it was my birthday weekend. I was extremely lucky to receive this beauties after attending a YSL early on in the week and was sent out the incredible new lip oil to have a play with. 

I have found myself reaching for these on a seriously regular basis for nights out or to create a glamorous look. You may have already spied this goodies in the Whats In My Make Up Bag section of my birthday blog a few posts back, and in my very long post which mentioned the event I attended for the launch of these products,  but I definitely thought these deserved a post all to them self. 

All 4 items are new to Yves Saint Laurent beauty. I've blogged about YSL make up many times before, and have grown up in a very YSL cosmetics filled household with both parents stocked to the brim with smellies and mum using no other make up brand without putting up a fight, so I have huge interest in the brand and I love seeing all of the new goodies coming to the shelves. Its amazing to have the opportunity to have an invite from a brand you've used for years, to meet one of the iconic make up artists behind some of their looks and then to be gifted products to try out, I am forever grateful for what this blog has provided me with. 
Now on to what this blog is all about - THE MAKE UP! YSL beauty have borough out 3 new products and a new twist to their iconic False Lash Effect Mascara. 

First up is the incredible 'Couture Variation'* ten shade eyeshadow palette. This one in particular is sold exclusively in Debenhams. It is a beautiful palette that will provide the perfect dramatic eye, and definitely a step out of my comfort zone as I'm so used to the classic brown shadows, so this really gives me the chance to have a serious play with my make up. Starting from a beautiful ivory base, with incredible golds, purples and blue to create some incredible looks. I've found these eyeshadows to be very pigmented and blend beautifully. This palette retails for €58 and can be purchase in store or online in Debenhams 

The other palette is just as beautiful and filled with eyeshadows that will also create some beautiful looks. I definitely plan on picking this up come pay day. Isn't it just perfect, Which one would you choose, if not both!! This beautiful brown palette is available on YSL counters and In store now for €58. 

The Coture Eye Primer* is a new long lasting and non greasy eyeshadow base that not only helps to hold your shadow, but also hides imperfections on the eyelid and illuminates. I was lucky enough to receive the medium shade which has a beautiful sheen to the finish which really illuminates the shades, while the fair shade create a beautiful matte finish. I have found that this really does help in holding my shadow for longer, and I've worn it along when I am just putting on a base and a bit of mascara to look alive on lazy days, and this really adds a beautiful illumination to the lid and really wakes up the eyes. Retailing at €28 this is definitely worth it given the versatility of the product. 

Yves Saint Laurent have also recreated the formula for the famous 'Luxurious Mascara for False Lash Effect'* which has been a staple in the YSL family since 2000 and quickly became a best seller for the brand. Now 15 years old the formula has been tweaked to keep the same components that we all love from the mascara but also to provide some incredible new features. The new formula includes an incredible new texture that won't dry out and is now enriched with 4 sensuous oils that will condition the lashes, argan oil, carthage oil, sweet almond oil and castor oil. this will help to strengthen the lashes and make them appear supple, soft and intense. Retailing at €32.50 and with 7 unique shades, this mascara it is definitely one to pick up. 

Last but not least is probably one of my favourite new releases from Yves Saint Laurent. Volupté Tint-In-Oil* is a revolutionary new take on a lipgloss but with an oil based formula. With 6 different shades this unique lip-oil is perfect for those who aren't fan's of traditional tacky and sticky lipgloss (me!!). It glides on so easily and really has an incredible staying power. I was lucky enough to receive shade #3 Undress Me which is a beautiful clear and simple colour with a hint on a pink hue, I've been wearing it over my MAC lip pencil in Hip and Happy and its the perfect match. Enriched with 5 nourishing oils, Apricot Kernel Oil, Macadamia Seed Oil,  Coriander Fruit Oil, Jojoba Seed Oil and Passion Flower Oil it really nourishes the lips and has an incredible taste as well. Volupté Tint-In-Oil retails for €27 and it is seriously worth it. I'm already planning on picking up the amazing  pink shade 'Cherry Me' next time I pop to my local counter.

Hope I haven't made your beauty shopping list to much longer with these beauties, let me know if you pick any of them up. 

Happy Shopping

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

My Current Obsession - Leather Leggings

I feel like its been forever since I've done a fashion based post on this blog. If you've been following for a while, or even for the last 5 years, then you may know that this used to be a fashion centred blog - sense the name, so I always love to go back to the fashion end of things. Lately its been all about the make up, and I continue to forget to blog my outfits on nights out. Tut tut I'm a terrible blogger, but I'm quickly getting my fashion mojo back so expect many more fashion posts, as well as beauty of course.

Lately I've become so obsessed with leather leggings. My collection has grown by a huge level in the last few months and I just can't stop wearing them both casually and on nights out, they are also essential when dressing up during these cold nights. No bare legs for me!! 

This wardrobe staple has been on the fashion scene for quite some time now, and I really don't think they are going anywhere any time soon. I always find myself looking to celebrities for inspiration to create the perfect leather legging look. Below are some of my favourites, and photos I have definitely used in the past to create the perfect casual or dressy look.

I've scoured the net to find some fab leather leggings and leather trousers if you too want to expand your own collections- that if I haven't bought them all before you!!!

Missguided - Joedie Wet Look Ripped Knee Leggings €21.00

Happy Shopping!!! 

Friday, February 20, 2015

Birthday Celebrations | Whats In My Make Up Bag

Last week, as many of you know, it was my birthday, and in classic me style I celebrated- a lot. I'm not that much of a Christmas person, but I absolutely adore my birthday so I really go for it when the time comes. I've already posted when I had my birthday party with the girls, but I always make sure to have a separate little celebration with my family. As my birthday fell on a Wednesday, we decided to wait until the Friday night to head out and have a family meal.

Of course being the fabulous idiotic blogger that I am I totally forgot to take an outfit picture until I was home and half my make up was cleared off. So a face of the day will just have to do. 
The night was semi-dress/semi-casual. We first headed into 10 St Stephens Green, which is a beautiful new bar that has only opened in recent months a few doors down from Topshop. They were so unbelievably kind and when they saw it was my birthday they invited me in for a birthday cocktail and a sneaky look around the area. I am seriously loving Dublin at the moment, some incredible new bars and restaurants are popping up. Some are meh and some are incredible - this is one of the incredible ones. Based in a Georgian building, it has a Georgian feel with a very new-yore vibe (if that makes any sense!!!) and its the perfect Rugby day venue - follow them on twitter to find out more. 
Also if you read my obnoxiously long  post about going to Malaga with mum , among other things, you will know she finally got her wish to get me to start drinking Gin. Don't worry she has more wishes for me in life but this has been one she's been working on for a while. While I'm not totally on board with the harsh-ness of a G&T, She talked me into getting a Bramble in 10 St Stephens Green and my god was it fabulous, 100% recommend it. 

Post drinks we headed to Bear on South William Street where we loaded up on Steaks and genuinely ordered every side on the menu. Beyond incredible if your looking for a seriously good steak at a reasonably price, make sure to try the chimichurri cause....its divine!!!! Was definitely the perfect birthday evening!! 

Now on to the important part - The Make Up!!!!!

I have been very lucky and have been gifted some incredible make up products over the last few weeks, plus some from my incredible boyfriend for my birthday, so I decided to put them all to the test for the night out. 

The Face & Lips 

My foundation products have really become my holy grail. My Mac Studio Sculpt foundation in NC 30 has rarely left my face since Christmas when it was hidden in my stocking. I feel in love with a tester of it , great new incentive from mac, and so happy I now have a full tub.  I picked up the Maybelline Eraser Eye Concealer in a moment of desperation after I left mine at home and I was staying in the boys. FYI I have very very dark under-eye bags thanks to a family trait! thanks mom, so leaving concealer at home is more of a worry than it should be. Since I picked it up, I fell in love. I'll definitely be repurchasing asap. Lastly I apply my Benefit Porefessional * around my t-zone and my cheeks to hide all those nasty pores. 

I was recently sent this incredible new Yves Saint Laurent Volupté Tint-In-Oil lip oil in 3 - Undress Me. It is absolutely beautiful and totally different than a lipgloss which can be tacky and unappealing. I'll be doing a fully separate post on all that is new to YSL next week. I love paring the Lip Oil with one of my favourites from MAC, Hip'n'Happy lip pencil is a classic baby pink that I was finding hard to wear on its own as its quite drying and not that nice, but mixed with Undress Me its perfect. 

Cheeks and Contour 

The boy was incredible and bought me the Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow for my birthday *Squeals*. I have been eying up this baby for quite a while now and its just as incredible as I though it would be. Sorry bonzer drawer, I don't think Ill be using any of you ever again. I pared it with one of my favourite blushers, my Hourglass Ambient Light in Radiant Magenta - this is an incredibly pigmented blush and a little really does go a long way. 

Eyes and Lashes 

I decided to have a serious play with my eye make up. I have been in such a funk with a brown smokey eye lately and wanted to darken this up a bit. I was lucky enough to be sent the new YSL Couture Variation Palette*(this palette is exclusive to Debenhams while the other more brown toned palette is available at all YSL counters) after the incredible event in Brown Thomas a few weeks ago. Along with that I also received the amazing new Couture Eye Primer* and the classic Luxurious Mascara for False Lash Effect.* I'll be doing a full post in detail on these goodies next week. Of course I also had to pop a bit of Touche Éclat under my eyes and on my nose.

I also used my everyday liner essentials my Lancomé Artliner liquid liner* and Le Crayon Khol*. Both of these are my daily essentials, the pencil liner is incredible as it seems to last a lifetime. I've been using it non-stop since about July and I rarely have to sharpen it, its just like new. 

For Lashed I used these amazing Ardell Invisable Band in Hotties,* mixed with the YSL False Lash Effect my Lashes were huge. I'll be review these along with a few other lashes I hauled next week. I of course applied these with my Ultra Bond strip lash adhesive*. I took part in their challenge last year and this glue is still my go to. It kept my lashes on for 72 hours and still does. Think I may have spooked the post make last week however in my PJ's and full glam lashes!! Ooops. 


Last but certainly not least BROWS!!! I finally tended to my bushy brows and popped into my favourite place Elysian on South William Street. After a lot of threading, and a mild telling of for waiting to long, I was back in brow heaven. I have started a little brow routine lately and it seems to be working well. Ive been using my Eylure Brow Palette*, with the Eylure Brow Pencil * to create a mix of a classic, natural brow or a statement brow. These 2 really work great together. Then a whirl of my Benefit High Brow* to finish off - I also use this on my cupids bow to make my lips appear bigger, Works perfectly. 

Hope you enjoyed this peak into my make up bag. I really enjoyed doing this, consider it the first step to possibly doing some 'Get Ready With Me' videos. Ooooh how exciting!!!!