Jo Malone Love….

I have a huge love for anything Jo Malone- howevvvver my bank account doesn’t feel the same about Jo Malone, what a shame but annnny hu….. I can still visit the counter and grab some samples and spray some perfume;) 

However, I was given one of the Jo Malone moisturizers for this past christmas as a ”small gift”. SMALL?? I don’t think so. However i fell in love. 

Im really tricky with body creams, if the fragrance of them isn’t my taste i just won’t use it…. END OFF. 

However this was peerrrrfect. It was the white Jasmin and mint!!! The second I smelt it i was in love 

It was sooo pretty, and it goes perfectly with my Zara White Jasmin perfume- €10 for the most amazing Perfume ever. BARGIN

And the best thing about Jo Malone—”a little goes a long way” LITERALLY!! The tiniest about will do your whole torso!!!;) 

I advise everyone to go to their nearest Jo Malone and try this out. Its perfection…. and while out pop into Zara and try out the White Jasmin Perfume…..The bottle alone is adorable. 


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