Elle Uk & Nail Varnish Love…..

Yesterday while rambling around the city I stumbled upon the new issue of Elle Uk. Obviously as an avid reader I was obviously going to buy the issue…

seeing the beautiful David Beckham did intice me to make the purchase slightly

Also it came with a free reiss tee. However i think it may be added to the pj drawer, awkwardly short for general wear…….

However, Back to Elle, and David!! He is the first male to ever grace the cover alone, and judging by how fast I bought it he did a damn good job. Victoria is a very lucky woman.

If this cover doesn’t sell-out then there is something wrong with the female population…… How can he look so hot, yet soo magazine friendly, it baffles me.

How could you say no to this face…. 

 And then you open the magazine and he looks so sweet and caring. He just comes across like such a nice guy. So very jealous of the woman who got to interview him. I also love how he blends in so well with the magazine. Its odd that a male is on the cover , Yet works EXTREMELY well.

Do you think this is a trend that will stick? Who would you like to see next grace the covers of our magazines?

Also to add to the beautiful David in Elle. There was a cutie Reiss tank given away too. Either pink, peach or grey ( I opted grey—- wish i could have found the peach tho) its so cute and summery. However on trying it on, It was very short. Like not in a prudish sense… Im talking in a general, not wanting your stomach hanging out type of situation. Either it will be worn under high-waisted items or added to the PJ drawer. Its too cute too be hidden away there tho. Also look at the adorable crown. Perfect with the Diamond Jubilee celebrations.

Anyone have any Jubilee celebrations planned??? especially those who live in England?  Ireland doesn’t exactly celebrate at all, but I have the tv to join in!:) 

SO alone with my dear Elle, I purchased a new nail varnish ( You know things are bad when I go into town to go shopping and come back with a magazine and a €5 nail varnish…payday please hurry up)

So iv never bought anything in Aldo bar the obvious , SHOES! , yet this time things changed. My friend was paying for her shoes , when I spotted this adorable nail varnish beside the Till. Im a loveeeer of nude nail colors, especially those with a slight pinky tone too them. Yet every time they come out translucent in places. I decided to give it a go ONE LAST TIME!! and…. It was well worth it. 

Although it may take a few ( i.e. 4) coats, this nail varnish is perfect. Who knew what i was looking for allllll along was in little ol’Aldo. 

If you want to try it out for your self- its called ‘Twirling in Tulle Ballerine ” Even the name is adorable.  If you do give it a go I love to hear about your thoughts. I promise you won’t be disappointed…. 

Hope you are all loving the amazing weather that is hitting Ireland / England. The boy headed off to spain with the fan this morning so the sunny-ness is the only thing that is keeping me (Not Crazy) jealous. Everyone is going away at the moment…. why oh why did i book my holidays for so late in the summer.. I wanna goo NOW!!!

Are you going away anywhere:??? There is nothing better then Sun, Sea and Suncream:)




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