Hello New Hair………It’s Very Nice To Meet You!!!

If any off you follow me on twitter you would have seen me post this wee little teaser from The Style Club.

Now if you live in Dublin you would know of this little beauty on South Willaim St. It is by far the most amazing colourful and insane hair dressers EVER!! Its literally a party inside, I love it. I’d been meaninng too go in here for a hair change for months, yet I kept putting it off , mostly due to lack of funds. Until i stumbled upon a little competition on their website. So back in April while in my pre- exam stress/ boredom I entered it….Many many times. Im one of those people who will enter a competition as many times as allowed, and thats exactly what I did.So last week nearly 4 months later I got the call, I WON!!!Immeditally I made my appointment for earlier today; I have been waiting all week for today, Finally I was changing my hair.

Change it I did

Hello Balayage!!

It only took about a year but now I have my balayage hair I’v wanted for months. Im as happy as anything. Its so subtle and natural. If anyone plans on getting theirs done (and lives in dublin) you have to pop into The Style Club, they are all specialised in Balayage and listen to what YOU want and not what they think you do. If you go you have to ask for Rob. Nicest hair dresser I’v ever been with. Hes a dream!

Hope you all like it!!




  1. August 21, 2012 / 8:04 pm

    Hi doll! Love the blog- and LOVE your new hair. 🙂

    I actually just got the ombre treatment on mine- went from a dark blonde to a medium brown up top. Yikes! Debuting it on my blog later this week, I believe!

    Let's keep in touch!


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