Say Hello To My (New) Little Friend…..

So it all started with a picture……

I found this while leisurely scrolling through the Zara new season. If anyone knows me, they know that I have a serious obsession with Zara!!!! So a visit to their website is a very very regular occurrence!!!!!

So yesterday I found this little beauty and I had one of those I WANT I NEED moments! I seem to have ‘misplaced’ my going out clutch en route home from spain, Either I left it there.. very possible, orrrr the dearest workers of Aer Lingus have very sneaky fingers. So a new handbag was definitely in order to fill the void. Well as of this afternoon the void was filled!!

Thankfully the lovely people in Zara put the bag on hold for me… This may be because I rang immediately once i found it online. So there was no perusing the shelves… for the sake of my card… so I bought it straight away…. and it was love at first sight.

It feels like the most amazing leather… although it most likely isn’t. Its also that perfect in-between size so its not to small yet not to big. I may have to downsize my wallet but ill take that as the only problem.

Isn’t she so pretty????

So, along with a new bag… I thought why not a new nail color. I found this little beauty buried deep within my little stockpile of polishes. I forgot how amazing this polish is. It was a bargain buy from Sephora a while ago but I completely forgot about it… until now. Its the most amazingly rich red polish. I love it.

What do you all think???

Whats your favorite color polish?



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