Dear Santa….My Dream Christmas Wishlist

I am so sorry for my lack of blogging or tweeting this last week or so. I havent surfaced from under my duvet until today from a horrible stomach bug, but on the plus side I have a great pre- Christmas weightloss. 

Anyway, while being sick and confined to my room I started to get a jump start on all my christmas shopping and I decided to go to trusty google to sort out my yearly ”what would they like” 

This year Ms Google certainly didn’t disappoint, that being said, its pretty unrealistic to expect a your 20 year old girl like my self to go online and pick presents for my loved ones without having a wee look for myself!!! Thats exactly what I did and I couldn’t help but share the goodies I’v been lusting after with all of you.

1. Zara Coat; I have been eying this coat up for about a month now every time I pop my head into zara, which is regular as college is about 5 minutes away. It is a dark navy and has studs covering both sleeves. Its so chic and on trend I just fell in love straight away. BUT sadly Zara doesn’t cater for my Kardashian hips so it doesn’t fit how I dreamt it would but i can still dream right?

2. Chanel Coco Mademoiselle; This has been my go to luxury purfume for about 3 years. I always savor my bottles so I try and use it as little as possible but I think I may be coming to the end of the one I have now so I may be in need of a refill. 

3. MICHAEL Michael Kors Jet Set Medium Travel Tote in Pink ; I found this bag while looking for something for himself in Brown Thomas recently and I Fell In LOVE. I love how girly the pink is but that being said its so insanely pink I may just get tired of it very quickly

4. Zara Heels ; These have been on my wishlist for about 2 months now buts its always been the case of when I’v had money, they haven’t been in stock. Fingers crossed I see them soon, I want them so badly. They are the perfect winter heel for jeans when its freezing coal. 

5. Apple IPad; I am a self confessed apple junkie. I have everything but my beloved IPad. I have wanted one for ever so hopefully this will be the christmas it can finally join my collection. They are so handy for college and bringing out. A lot easier than my Mac. But should it be a regular one or a Mini?? 

6. IPad Case; I found this on Asos and fell in love. I’m all for matchy-matchy and have a leopard print J.Crew phone case so why not get an Ipad one to join the club. I know some may think I’m slowly turning into Snooki but every girl needs a bit of leopard in their lives. 

7. YSL Arty Ring; I have wanted one of these for years but never had the ability to pay 200 for them. They are a bloggers must have accessory. Anyone know where I can get a lower priced version?

8. Zara Tan Bag; This became this summers must have handbag, I saw it everywhere, and its still in stores. Its such good quality and the perfect size to fit everything but not get drowned by the size of it. Its just beautiful

Hopefully Santa sees my list and I can wake up to some of these little goodies under my tree Christmas morning! 

Whats on your christmas list??




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