Late Lunch Study Break

Hi lovelies,

My poor blog is really suffering thanks to these exams!!! I hate that I have to put it to the side but in less than a month I will no longer have to sit an exam ever again(well hopefully)  Given I’ve been living like a hermit studying in sweatpants and not a slick of makeup I value any opportunities I get to escape my desk and go out. 

Yesterday I popped out to Dundrum to have a yummy late lunch in the Port house. As I’m ”trying” to be good food wise I opted for a light tapas!! 

Of course when you go for tapas you have to have sangria. Makes it more authentic. 

As we are both craving a holiday in Spain, this was the perfect option. 

We opted for a yummy Spanish Ham board with bread, which I passed on, but filled myself with ham to make up for the lack of bread. 

Himself went for this yummy prawn in Pil Pil sauce, which I will admit was amazing, even though I don’t like prawns

He also got a tasty chicken in Paprika and Oregano chicken which I would say was amazing, but it was all gone by the time I could even ask for a bite. 

I opted for a tasty Chicken Paella , as I’m really not a fan of fish. It my goal for the summer to try as much fish as possible and try to change my taste-buds. 

I also opted for the Patatas with a Mix of 3 Sauces on the side. A Bravas , Spicy Tomato, Alioli, Garlic Mayo, and Mojo, Canarian Garlic, Chilli and Almond Sauce. 

I also love the atmosphere of this place. It was around 4 when we popped in and it was empty. It was as if we had it to ourselves. The whole of Dundrum was empty as well. I was really nice to just roam around. 

I urge you all to try this place at least once. They also have one on South William Street and Temple Bar. Check there website to see there full menu. 

I hope to write a few posts at the weekend so I’m not leaving it to long until I blog again. 

By may 16th I’ll be back to blogging, until then I’m head down into books. 

Hope your all well. 




  1. April 28, 2013 / 9:52 pm

    Oooh my goodness. This looks so delicious! I would totally love to skip out on some homework for tapas!
    Much love, I hopped over from the link you sent on twitter!


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