June Favourites

Hi lovelies, 

Finally the boy arrived in Spain! Since Monday we have been tanning and filling ourselves with vodka and tapas. It’s been glorious. I have loads of fab outfits to post about tomorrow but today I wanted to share my June favourites with you!! 

These are all what I have been loving this month(or more what I have been loving in the last 2 weeks of my holiday!) 

1. Tony & Guy Sea Salt Spray

At first I really wasn’t sure about this. It just was well…meh. I also despise the smell, however I decided to give it one last try the other day and we fell in love. I adore the beachy waves it gives to your hair. You come away with the perfect I don’t care yet I did my hair like this look! 

2. Banana Boat Aloe Vera  

I am definitely a sun worshiper. I keep my face highly in the shade after a little scare 2 Years ago but I oil from the neck down and sun myself all day! However with all the sun my skin can burn and peel so I also use refrigerated aloe Vera. It’s so cold and soothing it adds so much moisture to your skin. Definitely a necessity.  

3. Piz Buin Tan Intensifier After Sun 

When Caroline was over last week she told me all about the amazing piz Buin after sun. I’m usually a Hawaiian Tropic kinda girl so I was intrigued.  So much so when I spotted it in the shop I immediately whipped it up and bought it straight away! In only 1 week of using it I can safely say it really does intensify your tan. It’s a must have if your going away

4. Evan face mist

I have heard a lot about this product for years now but never saw the point of buying water in a can, that was until the other day. While mildly melting in 40 degree heat I popped into the make up store across from where I was having lunch and immediately whipped it up. €4 later It was passed among the lunch table like gold. It cools your face and helps stop you look like a red sweaty mess. 

5. Hawaiian Tropic factor 8. 

I love my Hawaiian Tropic sun cream, and thanks to my small percentage of Latin heritage I tan quite easily. I usually start of my holiday a lot higher then an 8 but I just can’t help myself popping down when I begin to get brown. I know tannings not the best for your skin but you only live once so why not do it brown. 

6.Aussie Miracle Hair Insurance. 

When I added blonde to my hair a few weeks ago, mum started on her tangent of how the sun was going to ruin it, fry it and basically destroy my hair…blah,blah,blah. Like every daughter I ignored her and basked it my lighter hair. That was until I arrived in Spain. Well for one time only MUM YOU WERE RIGHT! 

Thankfully before holidays I picked up a bottle of Aussie Hair Insurance. This has been a life saver these last few weeks. It has kept my hair from becoming Completely destroyed. Think a big chop is in order when I get home. 

7.Butter London – Jasper

I love fun colours on my nails in the sun. I was gifted this at the butter London spring colour launch and absolutely love it.  It’s the perfect summer time yellow and works so well with a tan. 

Not only are the above beauty products my favourites. This month has also been amazing for 2 other reasons. 

1. I FINISHED COLLEGE! Results came this week and all my hard work over the last 3 years paid off as I graduated with a fab degree that I wanted all along. Now to decide where to go with it. Fingers and toes crossed for me please. 

2. Today is the boys birthday!!! Today as I write this blog post is the boys birthday. Currently the 2 of us are celebratin our 3 year anniversary in the town were we met in Spain and he also gets to celebrate turning 24(what an old man). For his birthday I got him a load of small pressies of things he’s been hankering after but I also got him something he has always wanted. He is now closer to Scott Disik as I bought him a plot of land in Scotland gifting him with a lord title. He has been milking it ever since I bought it 3 days ago. Easily bought online its the perfect silly gift for someone you love. 

Hope you are all fab. I’m not back to tanning on my roof top pool. Definitely another firm favourite this month 




  1. July 6, 2013 / 5:15 am

    Aloe Vera is the best for burnt skin….! I love that pic of the watermelon it kind of embodies summer!

  2. July 7, 2013 / 12:40 pm

    Looks like you're having a fab time hun and some great favourites! I wish I could get away with factor 8! Damn my pale Irish skin needing at least a 50! 🙁 xx

    • July 8, 2013 / 11:11 am

      Well I can only do factor 8 after a good base tan! Nearly down to 6 now…..know it's so bad but I'm such a summer babe!! Xxx

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