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I am one of those people with favourites – The favourite bag, shoes, lipstick, foundation….the list goes on and on! However one thing the list doesn’t include, a favourite Face Cream, that is until now.

I’ve tried them all, high end, high street, luxury and totally vegan yet they either don’t suit my skin after a while or else my skin grows tired of it and becomes quite meh- that is until now.

A little while ago I was contacted by a lovely company called The Pink Cow Brand. An email pinged into my inbox explaining the brand and asking would I like to try out the moisturiser. I loved the sound of their ethos, more on that later, and I was coming to the end of a horridly expensive moisturiser that was breaking me out to no end so I though I’d give it a shot. Well am I glad I did now!!

Now for a little back story on the brand. The Pink Cow Company was set up in New Zealand by a natural health consultant and former dairy farmer. He spent many years studying the skin and tokens in everyday cosmetics and identified a link between the use of chemicals and the rise in cancer rates, infertility and hormonal imbalances (Scary stuff!!!!!). Because of this The Pink Cow Brand was created to be a fully chemical free skin care brand with natural ingredients. The amazing twist to it is it actually comes from a cow. The Pink Cow is the first to use Colostrum – this is the first milk from an outdoor grass few cow. This makes the cream super creamy and really nourishing for the skin.

I have only used the cream for maybe 2 and a half weeks but already I have seen a whole turn around in both my skins texture and glow. I no longer have lacklustre skin and the horrible dry patches have thankfully faded away to leave me with incredibly soft skin.

Retailing at $59 it is on the pricey side but the tiny amount needed mixed with the results you will get from this baby makes it seriously worth it. I know I won’t be moving on to any other creams in the near future.

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  1. December 5, 2014 / 12:27 pm

    Sounds fantastic and I love their name!

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