Purgo Teatox Week One – Am I Skinny Yet?

The holidays officially over, so it’s time for a teatox!!

Post holiday Detox starting this morning ?? love the @purgotea tea it’s so unbelievably yummy you have to try it!

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Some of you may know, if you follow my social media, I was sent a teatox by Purgo* before I pottered off on holidays! I decided to wait until I was back to start so I would get the most out of it. 

Many of you may not have heard of Purgo Teatox * before, I hadn’t until an email popped into my inbox, but they are absolutely amazing. From branding right up to the taste of the tea its a winner from me. 

Purgo Tea *was created by a lovely Canadian, Ben, who developed the tea after he  developed serious health issues. Read about it here – it’s extremely personal and raw, a brilliant story behind the brand. The tea is blended and developed with a Chinese Master Herbalist to develop an effective tea, that is also extremely tasty!

If you’ve read my blog for a while you will know I’ve done my fair share of Teatox’s before, some I’ve loved more than others but always I’ve mentioned a negative with the taste of the product – Purgo* is genuinely tasty!!! Like to the point I will drink all day every day its so good.

I decided to start the teas as a detox post Spain. I started last Tuesday and if I’m being 100% honest, I’ve been shite this week. Between anniversary celebrations with himself, being sad I’m home from holidays and some personal stress I’ve turned into a wee piggy!! I’ve gained 2 pounds this week, not ideal on top of the 3 from Spain, but to be honest I think I needed the shock of the scales rising to shake me into action. 

Purgo Tea* also has an incredible meal plan on the website that I will be sticking to this week like a religion so I can properly gauge my results. You can get your own copy of it here

Now as a tea lover I always leave my tea in the cup while drinking itt… well lets just say you shouldn’t do that with purgo tea as its a teatox and the longer it sits – the more some side-effects come. Well this week I’ll be doing the suggested few minutes of steeping! Ooops.

Now on to price, it’s not the cheapest on the market but it honestly is amazing. Currently available for $29.99 (Full Price $33.99) CAD (Canadian Dollars) + $4.99 CAD shipping. 

It honestly is worth it. I’ll be reporting back next week with more results! 

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