Purgo TeaTox Part Two – End Of The Teatox!

Why not have a detox with my new favourite Teatox!! 

So about 2 weeks ago I posted about my first week with the Purgo Teatox*,  I mentioned in the post that I have done my fair share of Teatox’s in the past, some good and some not so fabulous. I also mentioned how the first week didn’t exactly go fabulously as I was still on holidays eating schedule and I did in fact have a 2 pound gain, which wasn’t ideal but also a lot less than I expected to have.     

After week one’s gain I was obviously a little down so pushed myself to do a lot better in week 2, and I did. I really went cold turkey on all of my cravings, and I am very proud to say that even currently my chocolate craving is extremely minimal. I really stuck to a relatively healthy diet and tried to cut out the crap. It really worked well and I was down 3.5 pounds, which I am extremely happy about. 

One of the main benefits of the Purgo* tea for me is the real hunger cravings it suppresses and it really fills you up throughout the day. I also didn’t have any ‘extreme’ side effects like some tea’s can give you. 

Now on to the week after the tea! I put off writing this post as I wanted to see how it would effect me in the week after I finished. A lot of these teas provide the healthy mindset and fullness during the period of drinking the tea, but once finished you are like a ravishing whale and end up putting all the weight back on. 

As this week is coming up to a ‘special week’ (tmi I know but it has to be mentioned) my hunger cravings are all over the place the last 2 days but will hopefully subside over the next day or 2, that being said the days prior to this have really been incredible. I have no want to eat shite, instead when I crave chocolate I reach for a lemon water, a quest protein bar or some popcorn. If some of you knew me many moons ago you would know I was a lot thinner, a fair few stone thinner, and it is one of the hardest battles I am currently fighting against my want to be the old me and my current mind set. As silly as it sounds this tea has really put me back into my old healthier mindset and I am ready to fight these hungry demons and get back to how I was, and fit back into half my wardrobe!!!

One thing I will be doing to battle the bulge is to work out while eating from the Purgo Teatox* Meal Plan. If there is one thing you take from this post it definitely has to be to download their amazing Meal Plan . I really find this Meal Plan to have loads of tasty options yet still healthy and nutritious! 

The main thing I really adored about this tea is the taste. I’ve found a good few of these teatox tea’s to be quite liquorice tasting, which thanks to my mother trying to push her love of them on me my whole life, it is one of those horrible tastes I despise.  The Purgo Tea * has a beautifully fresh taste to it. Quite like a simple green tea, the Purgo Tea* is actually really refreshing and nice on a lovely morning and seriously yummy before bed time!! The only thing I despise about Teatox’s is that I can’t have my morning coffee the minute I wake up – This is a serious problem when it comes to early morning wake up calls!!  

Also so many of you asked about my little man I used to strain the tea leaves so I just had to pop the link into the post. I found him on amazon, on one of the only stores that ships to Ireland!! Heres the link, which is currently sold out, but there are tons of them on Amazon! 

I hope you have enjoyed week two of my teatox review! As always this will definitely not be the last teatox review I do! Have you ever tried Purgo Teatox?? If not what other Teatox’s have you tried and how have you got on with them?? 

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