Fall In Love With The Urban Decay Vice 4 Palette

Vice 4 Palette is the perfect palette to get you out of a Brown Smokey Eye rut. 

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to be send the new Urban Decay Vice 4 Palette. I am in an insane rut with the typical brown smokey eye that to be honest I was a little scared when I first opened it. ‘Can people really wear green and pink on the eyes without looking like halloween’ was pretty much my first through, but after a good play around my thoughts have seriously changed. 

While still highly cautious with the colours and using them more as eyeliner accents than anything I am loving the fab looks I have created with this palette. 

The palette contains 20 limited edition shades, so meaning you pretty much need it or your missing out, ranging from fab mattes, highlights and pops of colour. Also when you palette comes in its own case you know its going to be amazing.

 The first line includes some beautiful highlights and dark purple and blue toned shimmers. 


This is a beautiful colour for a base or highlight. It is describes as an ‘Oyster Satin with Pearl’ It really pops on the skin and I adore it. 


Grip is described as a ‘Taupe Matte with Iridescent Micro Glitter’. It is a lot more sheer than Bones but perfect as a base for a warmer glitter in the palette or as a daytime highlight.


Deadbeat is the perfect Christmas Smokey Eye colour. It is described as a ‘black satin with iridescent micro glitter’, It is more grey in colour than a black but looks incredible in the crease with used with an intense sparkle on the lid. 

Beat Down

Beat Down is hands down (ohh see what I did there I can rhyme) one of my top 10 shadows from the palette. It is described as a ‘Deep metallic violet with blue micro glitter’. Swatching really doesn’t do this colour any justice at all. I think with a matte black in the crease/ or very dark brown this would look amazing just packed onto the lid.


A darker version of Beat Down, this is in the top 10 as well. It is described as a ‘metallic plum with iridescent micro-glitter’. I think Pandemonium would look amazing when worn with browns.   


Framed is described as a ‘light neutral matte satin” and is beautiful. I love it for a base of a light smokey eye. 


Fast ball is one of the colours I was frightened about, along with 1985. It is a described as a ‘Metallic peachy pink with pink micro glitter’. It is a beautiful colour and one I am so super excited to play around with. I think it would look amazing on the bottom lid as a liner. 


Along with Fast Ball I am petrified with this shade. Described as a ‘metallic fuchsia with fuchsia micro glitter’. It is so bright I was terrified to try it but I think it would be great worn as a liner like Fast Ball. 


I love underhand. It’s a gorgeous metallic plum described as a ”burgundy brown satin”. I love not only how intense it is but also how it can be used in a variety of different looks from a smokey eye to a simple all over shadow. 


A beautiful pale lavender shade described as a ‘metallic lavender’. It is beautiful for highlighting in a smokey eye. It is an incredibly unusual shade that can be worked into a variety of different looks. 


Like all the other light matte’s I adore this shade as a base. Discreet is described as a ‘soft dusty mauve matte’. Discreet is the most beautiful light lavender shade perfect for a base on the eye. 


Along with C-Note and Artic, Grasshopper was one of the shades I was most terrified in the palette. Described as a ‘metallic emerald with green micro glitter’. It is a lovely shade but like the other greens personally I will wear them as eyeliner. 


C-Note is described as a ‘frosted green with micro-glitter’. It is lighter in colour than grasshopper and would look amazing as a liner or even as a base for a smokey eye. 


Arctic is one of the brightest shades in the palette,  described as a ‘bright teal with tonal sparkle’ which is exactly as it is described. I would definitely used this shade in a liner context as personally it is not an eye shade for me but perfect for a pop of colour on a liner. 


Robbery is my favourite shade on this row of the palette and definitely one of my top ten. It is described as a ‘deep metallic brown-gunmetal’. I applied it onto my lids recently when I wore a smokey eye and it was perfection. 


Bitter is hands down my favourite shade in the whole palette, and this is my favourite row of shades as well. Described as a ‘reddish brown matte’ it is eyelids perfection. If you are like me and have very quickly fallen on the Urban Decay Riff bandwagon then you will love this. It is a one shade all over shadow and perfect for a day time look or simply if your in a rush. If anything get this palette just for this shade. 


 Flame is the perfect accent shade for a smokey eye. Described as a ‘Bright orange with gold micro glitter’ it is perfect to accent the tear duck or even as a colour on half the lid to brighten it up. 


Low is a beautiful glitter based shade and another must in your makeup collection. Described as a ‘brown matte with iridescent micro-glitter’. While i adore this shade it does have quite a large fallout so I would advice applying this wet.


Like Low this is a beautiful shimmer shade in the palette. It is described as a ‘black with golden metallic pearl and micro glitter’. Perfect for a Christmas eye look. 


Like Bitter this also could act as a one colour all over but I love using it with either Framed or Discreet for a matte smokey eye. Described as a ‘deep chestnut brown matte satin’. It is the perfect brown needed in everyones collection. 

I hope this post has been somewhat helpful on guiding you about the Vice 4 palette. I adore this palette and if you are like me and worry about the insane pinks and green don’t. They are amazing accent shades and the rest of the palette is perfection. 

Boys if you are reading this I assure you what ever lady you have in your life will love this!

Available from Debenhams or House of Frasier now for only €49 which is incredible for 20 limited edition shades 

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  1. November 23, 2015 / 5:41 pm

    Like you I've steered away from brights in the last few years but this is very tempting!

  2. November 23, 2015 / 8:48 pm

    That palette is fantastic! I was always afraid of colours too but now I wear green all the time and it just works.

  3. November 24, 2015 / 7:34 pm

    I almost got it too, it's very pretty! I own just too many eyeshadows!

  4. November 28, 2015 / 11:11 am

    These shades are gorgeous! Although I'm not sure I'd have the confidence to pull off some of the brighter colours haha xx


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