The New Must Have To Benefit’s Coveted They’re Real Range

Just when you thought Benefits They’re Real couldn’t get any better……well it just did! 

I have always found that mascaras are equally as good be it a high-end or budget brand mascara. There are so many on the market that you are totally spoiled for choice. Mascara is also one of those items that can do a variety of different things and a mix of them all. Curl, volumise, lengthen, add on new lashes. It may seem like an afterthought in many peoples makeup collection but believe me I have walked out sans mascara before and a full face of makeup just isn’t the same without it. 

 However, through all the mascara competition one brand has always come out on top. Benefit are known and loved for their They’re Real mascara. To call it a cult beauty product is an understatement. It is a necessity in my opinion. It makes your lashes more than lashes, they become a focal point of your face with a quick swipe of They’re Real. I always make sure to have one in my makeup collection, as well as my other love Roller Lash. 

What if I told you Roller Lash and They’re Real could be even better?

What if I said Benefit now had a product that made every mascara you own BETTER!!! 

Yep I bet your jumping for joy now yessssssss!!!!!

Welcome They’re Real Primer! *


Like many makeup lovers, I cant leave my house without a primer under my foundation. It just doesn’t sit right without it. So why shouldn’t we have the same for our mascara. But the best bit….. it works with ALLLLL mascaras. So while I would highly recommend you invest in They’re Real or Roller Lash,  the They’re Real primer will work on what ever you have in your makeup bag! Ideal!! 

What does it do exactly I hear you ask…..

Like a foundation primer it enhances the benefits of your mascara, meaning you get a longer lasting look with bigger curl, volume or length. Also it can be used on its own as well. It gives a gorgeous light curl to the lashes and coats them in a beautiful brown shade. Perfect for any day time look. Then to move it too night time just lash on They’re Real or Roller Lash  and your done!! 

I was so lucky to be invited along to breakfast in The Dean hotel to learn all about this new lash Must Have from the beautiful and bloody fabalous Lisa Potter Dixon. Lisa also told us all about her new fab book ‘easy on the eyes‘ which I am loving. It has incredible eye makeup tips, tricks and looks for any makeup lover. Definitely the perfect stocking stuffer. 

Same as the new They’re Real Primer.

Available on the 26th of December make sure you pick it up while pottering around the St Stephens Day Sales. RRP €25 it will make all of your current mascaras come alive!

I cannot stress how much everyone needs it in they’re make up bag! Its a hero product off mine!

Want a sneak peak?? Nab this months Elle magazine, its only around for a few more days but it has an exclusive samples of the They’re Real primer and you need it! 

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  1. November 25, 2015 / 4:13 pm

    Oooh, their primer sounds fantastic! I'm a big fan of using a primer under my mascara, I feel like it protects my lashes a little bit.

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