My Full Skincare Collection & Routine


Skincare has quickly become one of my biggest blogger obsessions, therefore I’ve accumulated one heck of a collection.


As a blogger I’ve been incredibly lucky and have had the chance to work with a number of Beauty Brands. Recently a lot of those brands have been skincare related and its safe to say thanks to these brands I’ve received some incredible products, and I’ve become a skincare nut!


I’m incredibly lucky and was graced with very easily maintainable skin, have never had any acne problems and only a little bit of dry skin. However I do find based on my surroundings, and now that I am back in an air conditioned office, my skin is insanely dry. As I do have very sensitive skin I have to be very cautious as to what I put on it.



Here are my must have skincare products. I’ve included multiple’s off each as I usually tend to switch up my brands of the same product depending on how my skin is on the day, and also to allow it a variation in products as I sometimes find my skin can become used to products very quickly and doesn’t always benefit from them after a little while!




The boy very kindly got me a Clarisonic for Christmas and it’s quickly become my must have skincare tool. I’ve spent forever looking for a cleanser for my Clarisonic and I was lucky enough to receive this Refreshing Face Wash in my goodie bag from the Organic Surge event earlier in the month. I love how it is not only organic but also removes all my makeup in a flash without irritating my skin!

Toners & Essence


Both of these bad boys have been my holy grail for quite a while now! I don’t necessarily wear these every single day, and would usually use them on alternate days, with the Calendula Herbal Extract Toner* being my go to most of the time, but if I really want to give my skin a pamper, or have time before my morning commute, the Iris Extract Activating Treatment Essence* is an essential.

I’ve mentioned both of these beauties a number of times on the blog before. Check them out here, here & here

Lotion & Serum


Serum is my must have! If you are begining to get into skincare I urge you to invest in a serum for your routine. You will forever thank yourself. I absolutely adore my Lancome Advanced Genifique Youth Activating Serum*. At nearly €70 it definitely isn’t cheap but believe me it is like caviar for the skin! If you want something good and a lot cheaper check out the Organic Surge Intensive Smoothing Serum* For around €25 this is an incredible alternative.

Lotions, although not serums but didn’t think it deserved a full space to itself, are also a part of my skincare routines. An alternative to moisturiser if you have quite nourished, and sometimes oily skin, I love using my Organic Surge Ultra Light Oil Control Lotion* as a primer when I’m working. It provides a brilliant base for foundation and controls oils which sometimes like to rear their ugly heads.

Eye Creams


Now that I’m nearing 25, like in 350 days, I’m so beyond conscious of my eyes. I always have been but I’m now a women on a mission to keep those crows feet at bay! I have loved The Pink Cow Brand for years now, and I was very lucky to be sent the The Cream Eye Cream a few months ago. A 100% natural brand this is an essential for my day time routine.

I was also lucky enough to attend the launch of the new Ren Instant Brightening Beauty Shot Eye Lift event during the week. I know its not even a week yet but guys, this eye cream is life if you suffer from puffy eyes. I unfortunately can suffer from puffy eyes and lips if I use anything on my face at night so this definitely helps. I’ve also kept it in my bag to pat on during the day and its working a treat  and I think it may be love! Nearly as much as I love the Beauty Shot. I’m going to keep testing this and I’ll have a review up during the week.


Moisturisers are my must have of skincare. If you are not using anything else, make sure you have a good moisturiser in your stash. My must haves are->

For extremely dry skin days, or days when my skin just feels ‘Meh’ I have to have my Kiehls Ultra Facial Cream*. Part of the ‘Staying Alive Foundation’ this moisturiser  is my must have. Now that I am back in an air-conditioned office my skin is extremely dry so this has been my must have.

For days when my skin is of a normal texture I love my BRYT Day Moisturiser. * This natural skincare brand has moisturisers to perfection. I love the consistency of this moisturiser and is perfect when combined with my other skincare must haves.

In the evenings I love mixing my facial oils and moisturisers for a nourishing night time skincare routine, if I’m not wearing an overnight mask. For this I love mixing my BRYT Night Moisturiser* and my Body Shop Oils of Life Intensive Facial Oil*. Not only does the scent help me go to sleep, it leaves my skin feeling amazing the next morning.


I absolutely adore skincare oils. For the daytime I love my Kiehls Daily Revitalising Concentrate.*  For my Makeup Free days I love mixing this Kiehl’s beauty with my moisturiser. While it’s developed to use during the day under your makeup, I prefer the results I get from using it on my makeup free days.

As I mentioned before I adore using The Body Shop Oils of Life* with myBRYT Night Moisturiser*. Not only does it nourish and comfort my skin, using it with my Body Shop Twin Ball Facial Moisturiser*, my skin has never been happier.

Face Masks

Face Masks are an essential in my skincare routine. I love wearing them at night and also using them during my No Makeup Sundays! There is nothing better than giving your skin a rest and bringing it back to life after a week of makeup!

My ultimate face mask must have is my Lancome Hydra Intense. On bottle 3 of this stuff in the last 2 years, I cannot go without this beauty. Twice a week I will wear this to bed to give my face a moisture boost. There is honestly nothing better.

Organic Surge Brightening Hot Cloth Cleanser is a newbie to my collection, and I love it. I love using hot cloth cleansers to remove my skin impurities but it also gives my face a boost when it feels a little lack-luster and meh!ALSO if you’ve had one to many vino’s the night before, there is nothing better than a Hot Cloth Cleanser to wake up your skin.

Hope you’ve enjoyed my skincare collection. Do you own any of these bits or plan on buying them now??


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