Life Lately; Sometimes A Girl Needs A Break

Life Lately

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Do you ever have one of those days, or months! I don’t judge. Where you just need to turn off from certain things and focus on YOU!


That is exactly what happened with me and The Fashionista Observer. I know with a blog essentially you can’t, and shouldn’t, just switch off! Well I had too. I lost the blogging mojo completely. It just wasn’t there. I have mentioned that I adore my new job, but as I do a lot of writing and blogging related things over there, the idea of turning over to the TFO come home time was rather daunting.

April is usually such a happy month. Every year on the 14th of April I celebrate The Fashionista Observers birthday. This year we officially turned 6. I say officially as, many off you may already know, I completely gave up on this blog a little over a year of a half in. It wasn’t me so I didn’t keep going.

Come 2012 I decided to boot things up again. May 4th will always be a special blog day, just like the 14th of April, are you surprised I have 2 blog birthdays!! I didn’t want to reach May 4th still in this funk. I wanted to take that break and really give myself some focus and get back into the blog and really grow it in the way I like.

I am truly beyond grateful for the success my Facebook page has had since November, how much support my blog continues to get, and that I made it to 6 years running this little piece of the Internet.

I think sometimes I need some time off, but thankfully that time off has regenerated me to get my ass back in gear and get this beauty back to where it was this time last year.

It’s a promise I’ve made to myself that I won’t be breaking. I have loads of posts lined up for this week, and now that I’ve said this I can’t back down can I!

Expect to finally see more of TFO in your time lines a lot in the near future!

Talk (very) soon!


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