Summer BBQ Salad Essentials

Summer BBQ Recipe

BBQ Season Has Arrived! Time to fill the blog with foodie posts once again

Now that the Summer sun has started to shine, its time to pour the gin and dine al fresco. There’s nothing I love more than lighting the BBQ, or if its a little on the raining side as Ireland can be the oven may be needed, and enjoy a little bit of everything for an evening nibble.

I love whipping up salads for the summer and always have my staples that go with every summer dinner. From my Summer essential Beer Can Chicken, Steak Fajitas and my beloved Guacamole recipes, I always add my staple Salsa Salad and Greek Salad to create the perfect summer meal.


Summer BBQ Recipe


This weekend we cooked up BBQ Saussies (not that bikini friendly but they were tasty enough to forgive), Chicken Wings, Lamb Burgers and my Summer Salads staples. The perfect night in to relax in the evening sun.


Summer BBQ Recipe


Summer BBQ Recipe

Summer BBQ Recipe

Summer Salsa Salad

I used to use this recipe as my chips and salsa dip, but I’ve started cutting it a bit chunkier and creating more of a salad style dish. It is something I have found myself making multiple times a week and I just can’t get enough.

The most important thing with this is keeping the ratio of tomatoes to red onion 2/3 – 1/3 just to really bring out the flavours. If you love your red onion go 1/2.

What You Need

Handful of baby tomatoes

Half a red onion

Hand full of coriander, roughly chopped.

Juice of half a lime.


2 cloves of garlic

Dress with salt & olive oil

Add Tabasco for a little kick.

Roughly chop all of the ingredients and add to the bowl for the perfect chopped Salsa Salad.

Summer BBQ Recipe

Summer Greek Salad


Greek salad is a dish I have only grown to love recently, which is odd as I adore all of the elements of a Greek salad separately. It is so refreshing and perfect addition to any Summer meal.

What You Need


A 1/3 of a cucumber, roughly chopped.

Half a Red Onion

6-8 Baby Tomatoes

100grams of Feta

Dress with Salt and Olive Oil.

Roughly chop all of the ingredients and add to the bowl. Add salt depending on your preference. I find it really brings out the taste of the salad but make sure to taste as you add to ensure you haven’t added too much!

Add some Coleslaw and you have the perfect Summer Feast!

Summer BBQ Recipe

Happy BBQ-ing


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