My Hair Care Secrets

My Hair Care Secrets

“Invest In Your Hair, It’s The Crown You Never Take Off”

Hair is something I take extremely seriously. Having worked in the industry, I’ve seen hair care from the back of the office, and in front as a consumer. While I do love a messy bun on my off days – nothing makes me feel more polished than a sleek style.

A blow out gives me an automatic pep in my step and I feel like I can conquer the world with my tresses. I’ve found out how to give myself this feeling, and a fabulous bounce to my locks, without the need to step into a salon for a blowdry – and now I’m going to let you into my must have items to give that salon finish I adore.

The Tools

The Fashionista Observer T.F.O TFO Blog Hair Care Secrets

Just like a painter can’t paint without a good brush, there is no way I can do my hair without my holy grail of hair tools. While many feel that a hair dryer is enough, and while the LanaiBlo does everything but bring me coffee in the morning, I rely on these 4 beauties to give me a bevy of styles at the flick of a switch!

Let’s Meet My Hair’s Best Friends Shall We….

The LanaiBlo*

The Fashionista Observer T.F.O TFO Blog Hair Care Secrets

The newest IT Girl in town, the LanaiBlo is a revolutionary hairdryer from the master of hair herself, Katie Jane Goldin. The founder of Gold Fever Hair Extensions and distributor of The InStyler, the LanaiBlo is Katie Jane’s newest baby, and it is fast becoming everyone’s must have essential since it’s release only a few short months ago.

With it’s sleek design and customisation option, who doesn’t want their name on everything, the LanaiBlo is available in Pink, Black and White, and won’t break the bank at €99.99.

What’s so special I hear you ask? Long gone are the nights of sitting in a towel with soaking wet hair waiting for your hairdryer to at least dry it enough so you can go to sleep, the LanaiBlo is a salon grade hairdryer with 2400 watt power. The Ionic Technology gives an anti static effect, while the Ceramic Tourmaline crystal components help seal in the moisture and contract frizz. If that wasn’t enough the LanaiBlo also has a super long lead, so no longer will you be sitting beside the socket trying to blowdry your hair with a portable mirror!

The biggest test for me was my classic curly blow dry. On a good day I can get my blow dry done in anything between 45-50 mins, but with the LanaiBlo I perfected my curly blow dry in 33 minutes!! Nearly 20 minutes shorter! If this isn’t proof of how fabulous it is, I don’t know what is!

Buy it here now

The InStyler Straight Up Straightening Brush*

The Fashionista Observer T.F.O TFO Blog Hair Care Secrets

The Fashionista Observer T.F.O TFO Blog Hair Care Secrets

When I first heard about the InStyler Straight Up Straightening Brush, I honestly didn’t believe it as it sounded far too good to be true. However knowing that the ultimate Girl Boss of Hair, Katie Jane, was behind it I knew it would be fabulous.

After a good few plays with it I can safely say this is well worth the hype, and something I praise in the mornings.

Personally I hate dead straight hair, probably why I swore off my GHD’s when I came into my 20’s. There has to be movement in the hair, not a pin straight style that has no body. This new InStyler gives me that body I love, along with allowing my hair to be straight and move. I don’t feel like I’m heading back to 15 with my side fringe and dead straight locks.

The best thing about this beauty? It’s only €69.99, a bargain for a hair tool, and something that will speed up your morning routine.

Buy It Here Now 

The InStyler Max *

The Fashionista Observer T.F.O TFO Blog Hair Care Secrets

My First Love – The InStyler.

If you ever see a photo of me with wavy locks, 9 times out of 10 it’s thanks to the InStyler. I have lost count of how many times I have heard someone rave about the InStyler – only last week my boyfriend came home saying the girls in the office were all chatting about it.

It is a must have for so many of us, yet so many haven’t tried it out yet. The InStyler is magic – not only is it designed to curl or lightly wave your hair, think modern day Farrah Fawcett styles, it also straightens the hair. It really is a triple threat!

The two way rotating barrel also ensures you have a variety of directions to your curls, not just one way all around the head.

I love using my InStyler to give me a light flick at my ends, and body at my roots. If I have a big night planned I also use it to create Pin Curls and let them set for a few hours. My hair turns out bigger and bouncer than ever before.

The InStyler is only €99.99 and worth every penny!

Buy It Here Now 

The Sleep In Roller

The Fashionista Observer T.F.O TFO Blog Hair Care Secrets

We may live in a world of technology but that doesn’t mean I’ll be putting down my rollers any time soon.

While they are certainly different to the hard plastic ones my grandmother introduced me too, the SleepInRoller is a firm favourite with volume obsessed hair lovers.

Going for that natural look for last nights date night ??

Hair – blowdried & set in my @sleepinrollers ????????

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Now on my second set, they’re leopard print – no surprise! I’ve tried a multitude of different ways to wear my SleepInRollers. My favourite is combining them with my InStyler – For the ultimate bouncy locks, wrap the hair around the InStyler barrel, as you would a curling tong, hold down for 12 seconds, once released and still hot wrap the hair around the roller and pin in place. Leave for a few hours while you do your makeup and have a wee bit of vino, then Voila! You are left with fabulous hair.

Buy Them Here Now 

The Products

The Fashionista Observer T.F.O TFO Blog Hair Care Secrets

No tool can do it’s job if the hair is not primed first. Product’s are one of the most important part of styling hair. While some, even myself, may say I am a hoarder of products, both hair and makeup!, here are my must haves that I couldn’t live without.

Brushes –

There are 3 brushes that I would be lost without and all for different reasons –

The Wet Brush is a necessity for post shower detangling

Head Jog in size 78  is a must have for a curly blow dry

Kardashian Beauty Boar Bristle Paddle Brush – A boar bristle brush that doesn’t cost the earth is hard to find, but this has become a firm favourite. It gives shine without taking away the style.

Shampoo & Conditioner 

A few year’s ago I was tempted into trying salon grade shampoo and conditioner by a friend. An expensive habit but I was convinced that my store bought brands would rival the fancy products – boy was I wrong and I cannot help but tell everyone about it. There is nothing like using higher end cleansing products. I’ve tried a lot of different brands, but the best I’ve found for volume is the Redken Body Full. The duo is usually always on offer and last’s me ages!

Styling Products

L’Oreal Mythic Oil – This finishing oil is like no other. I use it pre washing and post styling to give my hair a sleek shine.

L’Oreal Volumentry – With my product obsession, I know I love something when I re-purchase it, and already I’m on bottle 3 of this. It gives amazingly voluminous locks without any residue.

Living Proof Style Extender – I’ve previously ranted and raved about this beauty, read it here, it is an amazing primer that keeps your locks in perfect condition for longer.

L’Oreal Mythic Oil Séve Thermique – A heat protector is essential, especially if it smells this good with no residue.

Toni & Guy Flexible Hold Hairspray – This hairspray was bought in a rush when I needed a quick bottle, and so far it is love. I didn’t expect to fall in love with it so easily but I cannot recommend it enough. All the hold, without the crunch!

Hope you’ve fallen for a few of my products, happy styling x


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