Did Someone Say Brunch? Triple Threat Brunch Toasts

Did Someone Say Brunch? Triple Threat Brunch Toasts

Why pay for brunch when you can make it just as good yourself?

Here is my quick and easy brunch recipe for my Triple Threat Brunch Toasts 


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My biggest guilty pleasure in life is cooking. I am at my happiest chopping away in the kitchen with something sizzling on the pan. It’s where I think and relax, and nothing makes me more content than seeing someone enjoy the food I make. 

Last weekend I whipped up some quick and easy brunch nibbles for himself and like any good blogger made sure to document them on the gram! You guys loved them so I said I’d pop up the recipe. 

While I adore eating out and trying new things, I am the ultimate creature of habit and love simple and easy to do dishes. This is one of them- 3 toasts, all with different flavours but nice enough to have in a trio together. These recipes also work brilliantly on smaller pieces of bread to serve as an appetiser  if you are having people over for drinks and don’t want to put on a full spread! 


Getting The Base Right 

The first step to getting your toasts perfectly ‘toasty’ is to lightly grill one side, two for the avocado toast! My tip is to put the bread under the grill with a light drizzle of Olive Oil for around 4 minutes, or until you get a light golden colour. 

         The Fashionista Observer Triple Threat Brunch Toasts TFO Blog

Caramelised Red Onion & Feta 

This is the only toasts that involves something on the hob cooking but believe me it’s worth it. While one side of your toast is cooking, heat up a small pan with oil, I use my small Le Creuset  pan as it is perfect to hold the heat while frying away my onions. To give an added sweetness to your red onions, add a small bit of white sugar as they begin to brown. 

Once your toast and onions are ready, assemble on the un-toasted side of your bread and crumble some feta on top, drizzle with olive oil and grill. As feta is not a cheese that melts too well, keep an eye on the toast to ensure you are not burning your bread. When the room fills with a beautiful aroma from the feta – remove from the grill. 

Finish with a lashing of Balsamic Glaze, you can pick one up in a local Italian shop if you have one nearby.  


The Fashionista Observer Triple Threat Brunch Toasts TFO Blog
Classic Avocado on Toast

The whole reason for my brunch last week! I adore AvoToast, I mean who doesn’t? 

As you don’t grill the avocado, make sure to toast both sides of the bread. Once lightly golden arrange your avocado in what every way you want – sliced, mashed or a whole half – it’s up to you! 

I always top with a squirt of citrus, I adore lime with avocado as I find lemon to be very overpowering, and sprinkle with sea salt for some taste. If you love hot sauce like me, top with Tabasco – it is amazing! 

The Fashionista Observer Triple Threat Brunch Toasts TFO Blog

My Classic Toast 

My everyday go to (I wish I was joking!). This Pico De Gallo is something I always have in the fridge, added on some toast with pesto or simply just olive oil and cheese is always a winner in my books. Make sure to take this out before the toast burns similarly to the Red Onion and Feta toast. Top with Tabasco and you have a dreamy lunch. 


The Fashionista Observer Triple Threat Brunch Toasts TFO Blog

Pico De Gallo heaven 

I have lost track of how many variations of this I have made. It is my holy grail of salsa and can be used with any meal. Currently I love adding in around 200/250 grams of cherry tomatoes with only 3/4 of a red onion. It doesn’t overpower the tomato and lets the favours come through. Mixed with olive oil, salt, juice of half a lime, 1 and a half garlic cloves, 1 green chilli and some coriander, you have the perfect salsa to be used with breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

     The Fashionista Observer Triple Threat Brunch Toasts TFO Blog


Hopefully I’ve given you some inspiration for your next homemade brunch.  I have so many other foodie recipes up my sleeve I foresee a lot more foodie posts on the blog on the blog in the near future.




  1. January 14, 2017 / 11:53 am

    Ah Roisin I’d demolish every single one – they look amazing and I’m salivating here xx Siobhan

  2. January 15, 2017 / 6:16 pm

    Oh they look and sound so good. I’m obsessed with Pico de Gallo too and it’s my go-to snack. The caramelised red onion and feta sounds divine too! X

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