Brighten Up Your Morning Routine With Alpro

Brighten Up Your Morning Routine With Alpro

Breakfast is said to be the most important meal of the day. I like to call it the yummiest

I am a menace for skipping breakfast in the morning, even though I love nothing more than fruit juice and a yogurt I put off this daily delight in favourite for a few more minute resting my eyes. 

If you’ve followed the blog for a while you will notice I have worked with Alpro on a number of occasions sharing a multitude of yummy bites on the blog. While I love creating food, coffee has my heart in the morning. That was until now.

Alpro The Fashionista Observer


Early in January I was approached by Alpro to yet again work with them on creating some incredible morning meals. I of course said yes but I also decided to give myself a little bit of a challenge – to create a breakfast delight day in day out and stick to a routine. Would you believe – it worked!  

Alpro The Fashionista Observer

Using Alpro Big Pots in Plain, Coconut and Almond as well as Alpro Almond Unsweetened Milk I have created a variety of breakfast meals I can’t wait to share with you. Here are my four favourites.


Alpro Almond Milk Coffee

While I may have pushed aside those extra few morning coffee’s to have enough time to finish my breakfast, you better believe I’ve Alpro’fied my morning favourite. As a black coffee drinker for years, I’ve decided to forgo the regular 2 sugars and take on a healthier approach with a substitution of Almond Milk.  With a hand held milk frother, wisk up the Alpro Almond Milk and add to a pre made coffee. Perfection with a natural sweetness. 


Alpro Overnight Oats. 

Overnight Oats are so on trend and have been for a long while now. They are the perfect thing to snack on if you are on the go, and a dream for me if I have early morning meetings. To my oats I add Alpro Almond Big Pot, Alpro Almond Milk and Oats with a little bit of brown sugar. I leave over night and top with seeds, berries, honey or what ever takes my fancy. The addition of the Alpro big pot gives the Overnight Oats more depth. 


Strawberry Coconut Smoothie Bowl 

I’ve cheated a bit hear as I’ve mentioned this recipe before, but oh my it is still a firm favourite. To my Nutribullet I add a handful of strawberries and my Alpro Coconut Big Pot and blitz. You can also add a banana for added fruitness. Once combined it is a yummy sweet breakfast you will want for every meal. 

Mixed Berry Bowl 

Similar to the Strawberry Coconut Smoothie Bowl this is a super easy breakfast you can mix together in the Nutribullet before you run off to work or school. To my Alpro Simply Plain Big Pot I add a selection of frozen berries and blitz to perfect. If you want an added pack of protein, add in some spinach leaves to your mixture. Add granola on top and you are good to go. 


Hopefully my Alpro recipes have you ready for tomorrow’s breakfast. Believe me you will easily become hooked. 


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