Time To Book Flights – Your Summer Holiday Wardrobe is Sorted Thanks To The Littlewoods Ireland Holiday Shop

Time To Book Flights – Your Summer Holiday Wardrobe is Sorted Thanks To The Littlewoods Ireland Holiday Shop

Flights booked and on to planning those outfits?  Looking for some much needed summer inspiration before you find the perfect summer vaycay spot? I have your holiday wardrobe sorted so you don’t have to do anything but head to the airport with a suitcase! 

Be it a plan for months or a spur of the moment thing, Summer holidays are one of my favourite parts of the year and I’d imagine your’s as well. While I adore nothing more than jetting off on a plane to sunshine and the sea, I don’t love the idea of packing as much. 

The minute the season changes and winter becomes a distant memory I start picking up holiday essentials. A dress here, sunglasses there….in a matter of weeks I can barely see my bedroom floor with my holiday shopping in the way. Yet year after year I stick to my old faithfuls and rarely stray. I am a creature of habit to say the least and it definitely reflects in my holiday wardrobe. Yet each year I over pack. Not any more. 

The Fashionista Observer Littlewoods Summer Holidays Clothes Packing

The lovely ladies at Littlewoods Ireland asked me to create a piece on my Top Summer Picks just in time for Holiday Season. Littlewoods Ireland is home to one of my favourite brands, V by Very, they also stock an array of highstreet and designer pieces all in one convenient place, making holiday shopping all that easier. If you still feel overwhelmed pop over to Littlewoods Ireland  dedicated Holiday Shop to pick from carefully curated summer pieces.

 It’s safe to say my real life shopping habit took over and after much difficulty on the Littlewoods Ireland Holiday Shop I’ve managed to narrow my choice down to my top ten, well technically 11 but the towel doesn’t count as it’s a necessity so you have to have it!, essentials so that all of you reading are 100% covered for holidays. From suitcases, flip flops to dresses and the beach towel I have everything you need for a trip to the sun, and no need to bring clothes that will take up unnecessary shopping space. 

The Summer Staples 


The Fashionista Observer Littlewoods Summer Holidays Clothes Packing


You can’t pop on holidays without your summer staples. That collection of sandals, towels and sunglasses that are a necessity for any good trip to the sun. Here are my must haves to keep you fashionable and function while relaxing by the pool. 

Beach Towels

The bigger the better. This large pink beach towel will keep you sand free as you soak up those rays by the pool or sea. You can’t go away without one.


Just like your beach towel, it sure ain’t a holiday without a bikini, or 10! I always mix and match mine, it gives you a lot more wear out of the pieces as well as multiple options day on day. The White and Black Scallop ( Top and Bottom)  and Red Scallop ( Top and Bottom) bikini’s are both from River Island.  Ideal as the sizes will be the same and the trio of colours are perfect to mix and match. 


No gal can go away without a fab suitcase. I adore this Myleene Klass offering. Available in a trio  and also separately (small, medium and large). Not limited to floral prints, Myleene has an array of suitcases in her collection, as well as a gorgeous matching tote bag that would be perfect for the beach. 


As much as I adore the South of Spain, the evening breeze can sometimes be a bit too much for my summer dresses and in order to avoid any more Marilyn moments I’ve embraced the playsuit over the years. Littlewoods Ireland is killing it in this category, so much so I’m shocked I’ve managed to narrow it down to three. My top picks for the perfect summer style are; 

Lost Ink Print Floral Check Playsuit , possibly my favourite out of the three as I adore the color and the cut out detail is so on trend.

Lost Ink Print Pansy Playsuit, the wrap top is super flattering on all body types and the pink tones will off set your tan beautifully.

River Island Petit Blue Stripe Babydoll Playsuit  may look like a two piece, but this cleverly designed playsuit is perfect to wear on a relaxing evening after a night on the beach. The open back will show of your tan perfectly and the flowing style will hide any indulgent bloat if you are fond of eating nothing but bread and ham like I am the minute I hit the sunny climate of Spain. 


There is nothing more classic than a pair of Ray Ban’s in the sun. I adore these Ray Ban Mirror Lense Rimless Aviator Sunglasses  for not only their style but also the pinky hue. The mirrored lense will allow you to dose off without anyone noticing while looking super on trend and fashionable.


Every year I bring away a pair of heels, and every year they sit in my suitcase. As my beloved Nerja is cobblestone filled to say the least, heels are not a sensible choice of footwear. Lately when I pop away on holidays I bring a pair of embellished flip flops that rarely leave my feet once the sun goes in. I adore these V by Very Melody Embellished Toepost Sandal’s in Rose Gold.  The design is dressy enough to bring you from day to night yet subtle enough to go with any outfit. 


Day Dresses 

Like the heels, every year I bring away an array of skirts and tops for the day time – realistically I have a collection of dresses I rarely stray from. Easy and flowing dresses are my holiday must have. Easy enough to throw on over your bikini but yet fashionable enough to bring you to lunch and drinks. I adore this V by Very Crochet Panel Beach Shirt, The shirt element makes it dressy enough for a pre beach walk around town yet relaxed enough you still feel comfortable. If comfort is key, this V by Vert Tassel Back Beach Dress is the one for you. The pale blue will showcase your tan perfectly and the dipped back will keep you topping up that tan even when you’ve left the beach. What more can you ask for. 


Hopefully my summer wardrobe staples have given you some holiday inspiration. Can’t wait to see you all rock your Littlewoods Ireland outfits this summer. Make sure to let me know if you pick up any of my favourites, I’m dying to see what you’ve chosen.

Thank you so much to the lovely girls at Littlewoods Ireland for working on this piece with me. My holiday wardrobe has just expanded by 11 must have staples. 


this post is in collaboration with Littlewoods Ireland. 



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