Recipe : Alpro Smoked Chicken Pasta*

Recipe : Alpro Smoked Chicken Pasta*

With the Summer getting closer and the idea of hitting the beach becoming more of a reality it’s time for healthier eating to take over and try and shift some of that Winter padding. Here is one of my favourite recipes made healthier thanks to an Alpro twist. 

Comfort food is hands down my favourite food but it’s not always an option for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Last month Alpro kindly sent me out some of the now Alpro GO On Plain*. A new plant- based alternative to yogurt, it is packed with plant proteins and divine with both granola for a morning snack and as a cream substitute for my favourite pasta. 

In the first year of me and John dating, before I became a partial room mate, I was regularly invited over for dinner with the family. Along with the Sunday roasts, Johns Mum loved to make pasta. Served up one Sunday evening was this mouthwatering smoked chicken pasta that once I licked my plate clean I immediately stole the recipe. 

If you’re looking for a quick and easy dinner that is a dream heated up the next day then you will love this:





Knoor Chicken Stockpot

Glass of White Wine 


Alpro Go On Plain Substituting the Cream 



Spaghetti or Penne

Smoked Chicken


Spring Onion

Cherry Tomatoes 


While your pasta is cooking Al Dente, it’s time to put on your multitasking hat and cook the sauce and the pancetta veg mix. In a small pot on a very low heat add the Knoor Chicken Stockpot and the wine and allow them fuse together, breaking up the stockpot as you go.

In a pan add a small bit of oil and cook off the pancetta until nice and slightly crispy. 

As your wine and stockpot start to break up add in pepper to taste. Once you feel you have broken the stockpot up enough add in the Alpro Go On Plain Big Pot and mix together keeping the heat on low. 

Once your pancetta is crispy reduce to a medium heat and add in halfed cherry tomatoes and chopped spring onions. Allow the skin on the tomatos to blister and burst so you are left with an ooey gooey mixture. Now is time to add in the chopped smoked chicken to warm it up before you combine everything together. 

Once the pasta is cooked to perfection add to a bowl and mix in the warmed sauce and pancetta veg mix. Simple! 

You are left with a meal that can be completed in under 20 minutes and tastes like you have spent hours working away at it. I am so impressed with how well the Alpro integrated into the dish. I didn’t notice any major difference in flavour and texture but definitely felt better eating it. I can’t wait to add Alpro into more of my meals very soon. 


I was kindly sent samples of the Alpro Go On Plain Big Pots to feature on the blog. This is not a paid post. If you would like to try some recipes featuring Alpro check out some foodie inspiration here 


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