This New Irish Tan Is Going To Be A Game Changer

This New Irish Tan Is Going To Be A Game Changer

Here’s To Tanned Skin All Year Long! 

Before I start this post I must give full disclosure and mention I am incredibly lucky to work alongside Iconic Bronze in my day job. However that is no way sways my opinion once the work day ends and I am in no way asked to post about products on the blog – I just can’t help it that I freaking love all the products I work with!!! 

Now that that’s over it’s back to talking about that Summer glow. 

Unless you’ve been living under a rock the last few weeks, you’ve no doubt heard all about the newest tan to hit the Irish market taking center stage on Penney’s shelves. Iconic Bronze has only been on shelves for a few short weeks now and from the gals grabbing bottles from the sparse shelves in my local Penneys last weekend it’s safe to say it’s loved. 


Available in Medium and Dark, Iconic Bronze is a gel like formula that gives the most incredible glow while smelling like a garden filled with flowers! What more can a girl ask for? 

One of my favourite things about Iconic Bronze is that when you wake up with your new glow that’s exactly what you’re going to get post shower. Usually I’ll wake up and LOVE the deep shade that has developed over night but when I wash it off the guide colour goes down the drain and you’re left with a lovely glow, but not as deep as you initially thought. With Iconic Bronze only a little washes off and you have the perfect shade to go about you’re day. 


That’s not all gals – It’s also SUPER affordable! At only €10 for the tan and €6 for the luxurious double sided mitt you really can’t go wrong! Available in Penneys stores across Ireand and Primark in Northern Ireland this is set to be you’re new go to this Summer! 

If you want to learn more information about Iconic Bronze you can follow them on Facebook and Instagram 


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